Kelly has made this inspired recording (see link below) showing the simplicity of the Scrum Masters role. The analogy of the chess game which is applied to Scrum is also very relevant here – Simple moves that make a complex game. I liked the mp3 so much that I’ve transcribed it:

I’m going to teach you how to be a Scrum Master in 1 minute.

First of all decide who will have the final say about priorities for your product – that is the Product Owner

Put all the features you’d like to include in a list – that is the Product Backlog

Put the list in the order that you’d like to do things and keep it up to date as things change

Get the whole team together every two weeks and plan the next two weeks work, working from the top of the backlog – that is Sprint Planning

Write what you want to do on post-it notes or cards and stick them on a wall in a column called to-do – that’s your Sprint Backlog

Get the whole team together at the same time every day for a 15 minute stand-up meeting, each person takes turns to say briefly how they are getting on, what they did yesterday, what they are doing today and if anything is holding them up – that is your Daily Scrum

Move the post-its or cards to an appropriate column on the wall for example in-progress, done or blocked

What ever happens get together at the end of 2 weeks to discuss what went well, what didn’t and what you can do differently in the next two weeks

Invite others to join you afterwards for a review or showcase of what you’ve done

And that’s it, that’s Scrum in a nutshell

Apologies Kelly if I’ve missed anything!

One Minute Scrum Master – original article

One Minute Scrum Master – mp3