Facebook and Twitter offer very different environments for Marketing. Facebook is an immersive and deep experience where the average user spends 7 hours per month. Twitter has been regularly described as a cocktail party, where users will dip in and out of their Data Stream.

There is a great new Infographic (see below and http://bit.ly/bSPXMt) by Digital Surgeons which dissects the audience of Facebook and Twitter. As you might expect from a micro-blog platform, Twitter users are far more active in updating their status – 52% update daily versus 12%.

Facebook’s advantage is it’s extreme stickiness. Facebook users are twice as likely to log-in to the system as Twitter users.

The question of which is the best channel for Marketing rages on.


Further articles, discussions and data is available on my Storify story:


Any thoughts? What is your experience of Marketing on these channels?