Below is a link to a Blog Post by Robert C Martin. He is colloquially known as Uncle Bob and was a pioneer of XP practices. I’ve recently been booked on to a Scrum Leader Certification course and have seen many posts on the perils of employing Certificated Scrum Leaders with little or no commercial experience.

Uncle Bob goes further in his critique claiming this trend could create the type of elitism that made the Waterfall software development model implode. In an explanation of why waterfall failed he says:

“There were the elite Architects, Designers, and System Analysts who did the real engineering by satisfying the first two phases of the waterfall.  And then there were the grunts who actually had to make everything work in the final phase.  When the project got behind schedule, it was the grunts who worked overtime.  When the project failed, it was the grunts who bore the blame.”

I believe I fall in the justifiable category of existing professionals who are seeking Certification to further my knowledge of Agile/Scrum. As Scrum Leaders we need to be mindful that we are here to serve the developers and help them get better at what they do by applying those practices.

Give it a read, we can all learn from the mistakes of Waterfall.

Uncle Bob followed this up with a definition of a valid certification route:

Are you getting Certification for the right reasons?
As an employer would you choose a Certified Scrum Leader over a more experienced uncertified candidate?