The amusing Infographic created by Six Revisions:

Started me thinking about the role Scrum has in breaking down barriers between disciplines.

Scrum teams derive their strength and ability to deliver diverse projects by focusing different skill sets in to one team. The input of design or testing is similar to Pair Programming in that the developer works closely with a team member from another business discipline. Partners from testing, design or other areas are swapped in and out depending on the needs of the project.

Working as a designer in a Scrum team I work closely with the developers to achieve excellence in User Experience. The team has recently won an industry award for delivering outstanding functionality in a high-profile website. The award was achieved by the marriage of technical excellence and elegant User Experience.

The fusion of different disciplines in products such as Microsoft Blend, Adobe Flash and Xcode’s Interface Builder reflect the needs of an audience, which expects a good user experience in a product that ‘just works’. Agile software development breaks down barriers and encourages communication between team members, which helps us to produce great products.

The mythical ‘designer/developer’ or devigner that excels in both disciplines is just that, a myth. 
The strength of the Scrum approach is that it encourages developers to understand and get involved with the User Experience and designers to appreciate the technical excellence required to make a product fly.

It’s a party not a war – or do you disagree?