The iPhone is rapidly becoming ubiquitous, (at least among the design community) as the only acceptable portable communication device. I’m currently experiencing my first adventure in interaction design for this fascinating gadget. My first step was to register as an iPhone developer and download the SDK on to my MBP (MacBookPro).The Software Development Kit consists of Xcode (like Visual Studio for MS development.) Interface Builder (sort of like Expression Blend for Silverlight development) and the iPhone emulator.

Just to dispel any myths – it is not possible to run the Apple dev environment on a Windows machine. I spent some time pursuing this idea and even if you get the Mac operating system Leopard running in a VM the Software Development Kit (SDK) will not work.I completed the Apple tutorial to create a screensaver style app, just to get a feel for Interface Designer and then delved deeper in to the Apple documentation.

The first thing to do once you’ve got all the software is read The Apple Human Interface Guidelines, more commonly known as The HIG.

There is also a summary available but you need to read The HIG first.

I’m looking forward to blogging about working with this platform and integrating it with our Scrum process. Do you have any advice for me?