Don’t Make Me Think

We are constantly assailed online with a maelstrom of multi-media gimmicks and toys. It’s easy to forget that usability is king and that all this cool stuff comes with a price. The price might range from slight-annoyance to lost sales. Steve Krug reminds us all that usability is common sense and gives advice on how to achieve a balance in our work.

Everybody who works in online marketing or web development can relate to these kind of ‘religious debates’:

Steve makes the case for basing decisions not on opinion but on empirical evidence and the experience of leading online retailers.

The technical strengths of the devevlopment team have been underpinned with an adherence to the principles of ‘Don’t Make Me Think’ which were shared with senior internal management and key decision makers in our major client organisation. (I have distributed many copies of this book at the expense of the business I work for, but the return on that investment has been tenfold)

If you haven’t read Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug and you work in web development or marketing I highly recommend you grab a copy – it’s only a 2-3 hour read and is worth its weight in gold.