A round peg in a square hole

A designer’s role in the Agile development environment.

I have a unique viewpoint when it comes to Agile Design. I run a Scrum Team as a Scrum Leader and I also work with the team as a designer. With all implementations of Scrum there are inherent idiosyncrasies and on our team I’m it. I come from a design and marketing background and I’m sure there were some in the wider development team who did not see me as a good fit with the Scrum Leader role. The axiom that stood me in good stead during the development of my Scrum Leader role was that I knew from my creative work that:

“We are at our most free, when we are at our most organised”

Freedom comes from the ability to move forward without needing to worry about the intricacies of logistical process. Scrum is a past-master at oiling the wheels of the software development machine.

A List Apart – has a great introduction to implementing Agile for Design