Flag waving Scrum teams

As a designer I’m a sucker for colour and also have an understanding of the deeper taxonomy this can represent. The Swiss and Dutch design schools with their deep history of typographical and colour simplicity offer a world-wide showcase for this design trend.
Check out the work of Dietwee for beautifully simple colour construction:

Dietwee website

In a recent change we started putting smaller colour coded ‘flag’ post-its on the bigger ones. The flags denote which developer is working on the task. I’m a designer so this visual prompt works very well for me and reminds’ me who is working on what ‘at a glance’.

Previously we had tried writing initials on the post-its but this got messy if tasks moved from developer to developer. As an alternative we talked about using character stickers which would have been fun but the benefit of being able to un-stick and re-stick the flags gives them the edge.