Is she or isn’t she?

Scrum is founded on the principles of honesty and visibility. It’s vital the business understands who is working on what and when it will be delivered. The common phenomenon of a business leader asking is she/he working on my project or not, is no longer an issue when a simple whiteboard is brought in to play.

‘At a glance’ is my mantra for an effective whiteboard. It should also serve the same purpose for team members and anyone in the business. I still remember the relief I felt when, not long after adopting Scrum a senior manager came over and asked the historically tricky question:

“So what is the team working on?”

I simply wheeled the whiteboard over and talked him through the next three weeks work. The manager was then able to pass that clear picture on to our clients. I knew then that Scrum works and whiteboards are worth their weight in post-its.